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    Advantec Nutrition & Healthcare offers scientifically advanced & top quality nutritional supplements in different areas of human health related disciplines and sciences.

Our sports-nutrition supplements range includes basic body building supplements designed to fulfill body's demand of nutrition & energy required during & after exercise and weight training. Swiss Tag Heuer replica Rolex Replica Swiss Omega Replica Watches Replica watches replica 
      Science and technology has separated specific nutrients from different foods and have made nutritional supplements which cause benefits to human health & body.  




      Every year millions die due to wrong or delayed diagnosis. Computer Aided Diagnosis i.e. CAD assists physicians to do their job the best possible way reducing error to zero.  
      Sportsmen who do not take supplements were compared to those who take and the data plotted in 2 dimensional chart given here. As per a wide scale study, those who took supplements made muscles faster than those who did not.  


Food Pyramid

      What to eat, how much to eat & the relationship of eating with exercise. What categories of foods to be taken daily etc.  For answers click on the Food- Pyramid link and find out all about food and quantities.  



  Creatine improves athletic performance & boost memory and intelligence 
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