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AMINO FLUX is a triple action supplement that besides providing building block materials for the growing muscle fibres also promotes growth by direct means.
    The 3 in 1 formula of AMINO FLUX provides essential and non essential amino acids, the growth hormone secretor (i.e Arginine 1000 mg that secrets user s own growth hormone by stimulating anterior pitutary gland). And its extra protein (15 gram protein per
dose) provides an over all anabolic environment in the body that prevents protein breakdown hence enabling the over all growth and development.

Essential amino acids in AMINO FLUX and their functions

* Used as body fuel by tissues of the brain, nervous system and muscle.
* Glycogenic (energy storage source of glucose by the liver and muscles).
* Builds up the immune systems, producing immunoglobulin and antibodies.
* Metabolizes sugars and organic acids.


* Indispensable for optimum growth.
* Stimulates the release of growth hormone.
* Important to muscle metabolism; acts as a vehicle for transport, storage and excretion of nitrogen
* Increases muscle mass while decreasing the amount of body fat.
* Increases collagen, the main supportive fibrous protein found in bone, cartilage and other connective tissue.
* Plays an important role in post-injury problems such as weight changes, nitrogen balance and tissue healing.

    Effects on HGH: A 1981 study by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D., and his associates at the University of Rome found that the combination of 1,200 milligrams of lysine and 1200 milligrams of arginine pyoglutamate in fifteen male volunteers between the ages of fifteen and twenty was ten times more effective than taking arginine alone. According to the researchers, "we could demonstrate that the association of the two amino acids does result in the release of biologically active hormone able to affect peripheral cellular receptors and thus cell growth in general." The fact that lysine and arginine together were active in oral form, say the researchers, "is clearly of considerable importance in clinical and diagnostic practice, where it offers a more practical and physiological approach."

    According to Roy Walford, there is evidence that a combination of lysine and arginine may increase thymic hormone secretion in older animals and humans, partially reversing the immunodeficiency of aging. Again this could be HGH-related. It also effectively reduced the recurrence of herpes simplex infections at dosages of 1.25 grams in a 1984 Mayo Clinic study.

Aspartic Acid

* Increases resistance to fatigue.
* Involved in the formation of RNA and DNA, the chemical bases of heredity and carriers of genetic information. Salts of Aspartic Acid increase stamina and endurance.
* Protects the liver and promotes normal cell function.
* Builds up the immune system, producing immunoglobulins and antibodies.

* Found to increase hair growth by as much as 100%
* Effective in preventing not only hangovers but liver damage from alcohol.
* Helps prevent damages from the ill effects of cigarette smoke.
* Detoxifies many harmful chemicals. Helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
* Promotes healing and the immune system.

Glutamic Acid
* Especially important in brain metabolism.
* Functions as a brain fuel serving as an excitatory neurotransmitter.
* Transports potassium across the blood brain barrier.
* Combines to form L-Glutamine and in the process picks up ammonia radicals. This is the only method the brain has of detoxifying ammonia.
* Metabolizes sugars and fats.
* Increases the blood sugar levels; used in the treatment of hypoglycemia.

* Of special value as a source of creatine which is essential for muscle function, breaking down glycogen and freeing energy.
* Produces glycogen which mobilizes glycogen (a stored energy source of glucose) from the liver.
* Builds up the immune system, producing immunoglobulins and antibodies.
* Acts as a nitrogen pool for the synthesis of non-essential amino acids.
* Effective for hyperacidity (used in many gastric antacid agents.)

    It is needed for growth and for the repair of tissue, as well as the maintenance of the myelin sheaths that act as protector for nerve cells.
    It is further required for the manufacture of both red and white blood cells, and helps to protect the body from damage caused by radiation and in removing heavy metals from the body.
    In the stomach, histidine is also helpful in producing gastric juices, and people with a shortage of gastric juices or suffering from indigestion, may also benefit from this nutrient.

* Primarily metabolized in muscle tissue.
* Essential to the formation of hemoglobin.
* Should always be in well balanced proportion with L-Leucine and L-Valine.

* Metabolized in muscle tissue
* Promotes healing of skin and broken bones.
* Lowers elevated blood sugar levels
* Should always be in well balanced proportion with L-Valine and L-Isoleucine.

* Inhibits the growth of viruses
* Used in the treatment of herpes simplex virus.
* Produces L-Carnitine which improves stress tolerance and fat metabolism and has an anti-fatigue effects.
* Promotes bone growth by helping to form collagen, the fibrous protein which makes up bone, cartilage and other connective tissue.
* Aids in the absorption of calcium.
Lysine is an essential amino acid that affects bone formation, height, and genital function.

* Is lipotropic, preventing excessive fat buildup in the liver.
* Helps prevent premature hair loss.
* Interacts with other body substances to detoxify harmful compounds.

* Produces and maintains an elevated and positive mood, alertness and ambition.
* Enhances learning and memory.
* Produces neurotransmitters which control impulse transmission between nerve cells.
* Is involved in dopamine transmission
* Used in the treatment of certain types of depression
* Suppresses appetite

* Extremely important for the proper function of joints and tendons, as well as good heart muscles.
* Glycogenic (energy storage source of glucose by the liver and muscles).
* A major constituent of collagen, the main fibrous protein found in bone, cartilage and other connective tissue.

*Serine is required for the tissue growth. Some derivatives (e.g. ethanolamine) are also important components of the phospholipids found in biological membranes.
*It is a constituent of brain proteins and nerve coverings and is also important in the formation of cell membranes, involved in the metabolism of purines and pyrimidines, and muscle synthesis. It is also a natural skin moisturizer.

It assists in the formation of collagen and elastin fibers of body tissues
It also takes path in protein synthesis metabolism to keep a balance.

* Plays an important role in the function of the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands
* Generates red and white blood cells.
* Elevates mood.
* Is used in the treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia.
* Produce s noreoinephrine, an appetite inhibitory neurotransmitter that suppresses appetite.
* Stimulates the release of growth hormone which causes muscle growth and reduces body fat.

* Glycogenic (energy storage source of glucose by the liver and the muscle)
* Metabolized in muscle.
* Should always be in well balanced proportion with L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine.
* Used in the treatment of severe amino acid deficiencies caused by addictions.


The role of AMINO FLUX™ as producing strong immunity.

AMINO FLUX™ assists in detoxification of nitrogenous wastes. Arginine is an important intermediate in the urea cycle. It is part of the metabolic process which converts the body's wastes (eg. ammonia) into less toxic substances (eg. urea).                                     Top


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