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Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare is branding nutritional supplements, amino- acids and functional proteins for years. Focusing global markets, Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare designed to providing standard products in the best quality, price, service & established an excellent reputation as a reliable international company.

Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare has achieved it's leadership position through a constant commitment to Consumer satisfaction, Management, Total Quality Management & Control. Drawing on these core abilities, and guided by its corporate mission to be the most reliable organization & doing business with the traders of  many countries across the globe. Replica Cartier Watches For Sale Replica Breitling Watches For Sale Replica Audemars Piguet Watches For Sale

Our Mission
With the scope of nutrition & healthcare we are focusing on the needs & services of the consumers considering them as partners & their satisfaction as our main priority. We are pioneers in sports medicine in Pakistan. Our business activities spreads over from local to global markets.


Since we believe in relationship marketing & all our staff is well trained in the nature and application of each product. Furthermore, Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare's personnel is committed to cooperating and working as an efficient team with each customer.


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Apr. 2004 Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare initiated web history.
Jun. 2004 Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare began international marketing and started selling in different countries of the world.
Aug. 2004 Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare received business quality appreciation & excellence letter from PNSL for meeting brand quality and standards.
Aug. 2004

Advantec Nutrition & Healthcare completed its technical up gradation of world wide intranet and a ceremony held.

Jan. 2005 Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare held ceremony on successful B2B marketing campaign.
Aug. 2005 Advantec™ Nutrition & Healthcare held ceremony on successful B2B sales targets achieved.
Jun. 2006 First annual sales award ceremony held.
Nov. 2006 Launched Ultra Protein (flavoured protein supplement).
Apr. 2007 Media campaign to educate athletes & sportsmen about the hazards of steroid abuse. The campaign was in reaction of Cricket players steroid scandal.
May. 2007 Awards ceremony held for distant sales agents who achieved beyond targets.
Jun. 2007 2nd annual sales award ceremony held.

Nov. 2007

Launched new product Fat Blocker for weight management.
Jun. 2008 3rd annual sales award ceremony held.
Jun. 2009 4th annual sales award ceremony held.
Feb. 2010 Launched WinNBQ 3.1 a computer aided diagnostic software in selected countries.


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