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      More & more people are using supplements like Creatine, Glutamine, Proteins, Hormones, Pro-hormones etc. to enhance muscle gains. A lot of times they do that without having under-standing how supplements work, & fail to put the supplements to its best use for optimal gains.  
There are 4 basic bodybuilding supplements which are Creatine monohydrate, Glutamine, Amino Acids & protein, and some weight gainers (supplements containing high calories).
Advantec? Nutrition provides all basic supplements under their brand names mentioned here

Turbo Muscle

  Creatine helps build lean muscles mass by  enhancing the muscle power output and also reducing recovery time...


How does TURBO MUSCLE? work?
 Increases lean Muscle Mass
 Increases Muscle Power, Strength & Stamina
 Fortifies Immune System of body
 Boosts brain power and memory
 Enhances sports performance
 Instant Powder Form
 More doses in less price
 No negative complications

Ultra Protein

  Ultra Protein? is a must take supplement suggested for all age groups. It effectively helps replenish daily nutritional requirement of body from wear & tare.

● Most benefits then other available supplements:
     + Protein - 30%
     + Essential Amino Acids - 10%
     + Vitamins 

     + Minerals 
     + Delicious flavour

     + Triglycerides - 25%
     + Carbohydrates - 35%
● Replenishes daily nutrition need & recovery from daily wear & tare.

90% Protein Concentrate

  It provides building  block for the  growing muscle fibres & other body structures. It is the most concentrated protein available in the market with essential amino acids. More>>
How does AMINO FLUX? work?
 3 in One Formula
 90% Concentrated PROTEIN powder
 All Essential Amino Acids
 Arginine HGH Secretogogue
 Strengthens Joints and Ligaments
 Absorbs Fast through GUT
 Blender Shake
 Fat less than 1 gram
 Carbs less than 1 gram
 Isolated Soya Protein powder

Muscle Growth Enhancer

  This supplement is the choice food for the muscles fibres. It enhances growth and also triggers in direct growth. It is a very important supplement amongst the basic supplements. More>>

How does Muscle Gain? work?
 It develops muscle size
 More Muscle In Less Time
 Increases HGH secretion 400%
 Prevent muscle catabolism
 Decreases carbohydrate craving
 Strengthens GUT linings
 Mobilize fats and stores proteins
 Replenish declining glutamine -
levels after workouts

Advantec? Fat Blocker

  It works by blocking the fats from getting absorbed into our body. Advantec? Fat Blocker functions in our intestine by selectively binding with fats in our food -

& prevents it from getting absorbed hence the fats with Advantec? Fat Blocker get excreted out of our body through feces. Advantec? Fat Blocker does not go into our blood and that is the reason.
Benefits of Advantec? Fat Blocker
It blocks fats at intestine level
It helps reducing Cholesterol
It helps in supporting weight loss
● It is an in-dissolvable fibre molecule
● Has almost no side effects if used as prescribed
● Helps improves gastric motility


  Researchers have discovered that by increasing levels of Human Growth Hormone naturally it is possible to slow or reverse aging process... More>>

GoYoung? Benefits:
 Increases HGH level  naturally.
 Stimulates cognitive functions
 Increases Muscle mass.
 Reduces stored fats.
 Enhances Muscle coordination.
 Support lipotropic functions in liver.
 Enhance vitality and endurance.
 Improves skin wrinkles.
 Expedites healing and repair.


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