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How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

Excellent results have been observed in taking Creatine Monohydrate (Turbo Muscle™) in two different ways. The first way is called loading phase.
This method works very well for anyone who has never taken Turbo Muscle™ before. Just as the name implies, it involves loading up or saturating your muscles with Turbo Muscle™.
During the first four days to a week, take 20 to 30 grams per day of Turbo Muscle™. Mix it with non-acidic juice or water or sweet drink. Grape juice works well as it is sweet. After this loading period, take a regular intake of between five to fifteen grams per day to keep your muscles saturated (no need to over do it) this regular intake is called maintenance phase
The other method is a more gradual approach to supplementing with (Turbo Muscle™). Over the course of an extended period, one basically skips the loading phase and just supplements with five to fifteen grams per day, everyday. 
The best results have been noticed when Turbo Muscle™ is combined with a high carbohydrate base, such as dextrose (glucose) and taken during exercise or about one-half hour before training.

Recommended doses of TURBO MUSCLE™ per body weight.

Recommended (maintenance) dosages are as follows: (Lbs=pounds)  
*to convert pounds into Kgs divide your body weight in pounds by 2.2)

140 lbs or less = 5 - 6 grams per day

141 lbs to 168 lbs = 6 - 7.5 grams per day
169 lbs to 199 lbs = 8 grams per day
200 lbs to 242 lbs = 8 - 10 grams per day
242 lb plus = 10 - 12 grams per day

Loading Phase Intake per body weight.

3 grams per kilo of bodyweight (a 220 LB bodybuilder would need 30 G per day for 5 days which is 100 KG x 0.3 =30 G) divided into 3-5 daily dosages, followed by a daily maintenance dosage of 5-15 GMS. Turbo Muscle™ dissolves much better in water and about 16 OZ / 500 ml per 5 GMS is a must.


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