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How does muscles grow?

Muscles growth take place when the muscles are worked upon. When muscles are given more tension than their ability a growth system activates in the muscles cells. This enables muscle cells to grow new fibers.

Nature has designed our muscles in such a way that they adjust themselves to the given task. So putting more weight on the muscles that its ability stimulates growth.

Remember exercise just tones muscles and they pump up. So don't get deceived that they are growing. They will only grow when you put an extra on them i.e. extra weight than their ability.

Now when the growth is stimulated by exercising with exact technique, muscles show be given rest, proper diet and supplementation in order them to grow effectively.

Remember exercise to grow muscles develops an accelerated growth and development environment in the body and 4 basic body building supplements are designed to meet that need.

The building material for the growing muscles fibers are protein, essential amino acids, fats and essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and calories. (Check Amino Flux?).

When muscles are worked upon they grow in 2 dimensions, stamina & power. It is the power that require more lean muscles mass and vice versa.


So with out heavy sets your muscles will remain small.

TURBO MUSCLE? provides you that extra energy which enables you to lift more weight than the capacity of your muscle fibers. It gives you so much energy that you lift up to 100% more weight that you used to lift. It does that by recharging the energy molecule ADP to ATP in our muscle power houses (mitochondria) and making it in abundance.

TURBO MUSCLE also buffers the development of lactic acid allowing more enduring workouts. Lactic acid buildup is one of the main causes of exercise-related muscle fatigue and burning sensation.

TURBO MUSCLE also enhances your body's ability to make protein by increasing cellular hydration that results in increase muscle mass. The hydrated muscle cell has increased permeability that allows more amino acids (building block of proteins) into the muscle cell, building up contractile proteins (Actin and
Myosin) that results in growth of muscle fibers that increases your muscles ability to perform more physical work.

The bottom line here is that TURBO MUSCLE will allow you to perform more repetitions with a given weight and will allow you to lift more weight than your capacity. This will increase the tension on the muscle fibers, which in turn increases the stimulation of muscle fibers thus increasing the growth.

TURBO MUSCLE allows you to exercise at a higher intensity level and to recover faster. If your recovery is better, then you will be more fresher before you commence your next session and as a result you will derive more benefit from this session than it would have been possible otherwise.
Four essentials of muscle growth;

Four essentials of muscle growth

1. Exercise.

Exercise produces growth-stimulus to muscle cells.
Remember exercise is supposed to achieve the growth-stimulus, exercise does not mean that you exert your self for long hours. The best way to get the growth-stimulus is to do intense exercise for 45 minutes.
With out exercise your muscle will not grow naturally. The intense the exercise will be, the more your muscle will grow. E.g. if you want your muscle size to increase then increase weight lifted by that muscle, to lift more weight you need more power and TURBO MUSCLE is the right thing for this job.

Growth-stimulus initiates growth but does not provide the building blocks required for the growing muscle fiber, for that you need proper diet and supplementation.


Remember don't exert your self, exert the muscle you are working upon.

Exercise decreases the Glutamine levels in your muscles. Glutamine is a very important protein of your muscles. It is found more that 60% in muscle cells.
Decrease in glutamine leads to break down of muscles fibers rather growing them. To replenish the glutamine level take Advantec?'s Muscle Gain.

Taking Glutamine supplements (Muscle Gain) results in:

Increases growth hormone secretion in body by 400%.
Replenishes lost glutamine and reduce recovery phase.
Increases protein synthesis in muscles.
Repairs structural integrity of damaged body tissues.
Reduces carbohydrate craving for high protein diet takers.
Prevents Catabolism (wasting) of muscles.
Increase the level of hemoglobin (red pigment) in
RBCs (Red Blood Cells) that carries oxygen.
Reduce Fat by mobilizing it while developing muscles.

2. Proper Diet.

The components of complete diet are; water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. (Grossly; Carbohydrates are used as source of readily available energy, fats used as stored form of energy and protein as building material of the body).

Our daily water requirement is about 30 to 50 ml per kg of body weight.

Our daily protein requirement is as follows; if you consume protein below 0.8 gram per Kg of body weight per day you will start losing your body proteins.

Normal protein consumption should be 1.5 gram per kg of body weight per day and maximum can be 15 to 25 gram per kg of body weight per day.


Few amino acids are very necessary for growth, but are not self producedby our body, they are called essential amino acids (Essential amino acids are those that have to be taken in food or supplements because they are not produced or developed by our body) (Check AMINO FLUX 3 in 1 formula under supplementation heading).

Fats are also an important component of our developing body. There are some essential fatty acids that our body requires on daily basis. Some steroidal hormones like male or female sex hormones are dependant on essential fatty acids. Daily fats requirement is approx 0.5 to 1 gram per kg of body weight per day.

Large amount of calories are required for the worked upon muscle to grow and the best food component to serve this purpose is carbohydrates.

Vitamins are chemicals that act as catalyst. Catalysts are those chemicals which without taking part in a chemical reaction affects the reaction by speeding it up or by changing it.

Minerals are also important for our body. E.g.
Calcium, magnesium, salt, potassium, Zinc etc.

3. Supplementation.

Supplementation like TURBO MUSCLE provides extra power to lift more weight and to put more tension on muscles that enable them to grow faster. TURBO MUSCLE also open pores of muscle cells that take-up more nutrition derived out of food resulting in growth.

AMINO FLUX provides building block materials that are used by growing muscle fibres. The 3 in 1 formula of AMINO FLUX provides essential amino acids, the growth hormone secretor that secrets user s own growth hormone that further supports and enhance growth of growing muscles and its extra protein (15 gram protein per dose) provides an over all anabolic environment in the body that prevents protein breakdown.

4. Rest.

Muscle grows when you sleep. Adequate amount of sleep and rest should be taken between work outs. It is highly recommended that one or two days rest between exercise days should be taken in order to allow the muscles to grow.
AMINO FLUX is designed to be taken just before going to bed for the reason that it will expedite the growth process during sleep.

For fast muscle gaining take;
All three supplements i.e. TURBO MUSCLE, MUSCLE GAIN & AMINO FLUX together.

How does Turbo Muscle work?

TURBO MUSCLE supplementation results in an enhanced energy level, it increases ability to maintain power output during high intensity exercise and increases the rate of PCr re-synthesis during the recovery phase of intermittent high intensity exercise. This results in increased lean muscle mass.

The active ingredient in TURBO MUSCLE is Creatine monohydrate. It is an energy enhancing protein molecule. It is a combination of 3 amino acids; arginine, glycine and methionine.

Creatine does not get stored in the body like fats and carbohydrates, it gets through the body by the process of simple diffusion and is able to pass through the gut wall (stomach) and into the bloodstream intact and upon entering the muscle cells, is converted into Creatine Phosphate

Creatine helps provide the energy that our muscles need to move, particularly quick and explosive movements. Muscle contraction is initially fuelled by ATP (adenosine-triphosphate). There is only enough ATP to provide energy for approximately 10 seconds. For this energy system to continue, more ATP is required.

Creatine phosphate gives up its phosphate molecule to ADP (adenosine-di-phosphate), thus upgrading ADP into ATP and AMP into ADP. Creatine helps to increase the supply of ATP in our muscle cells. This increases the muscle capacity to do more work and improves the energy efficiency of the muscle.

Creatine occurs in highest concentration in skeletal muscle, followed by cardiac and smooth muscle, brain, kidney, spermatozoan and other tissues of the body resulting vitality.

The Instant Feature of Turbo Muscle
The extra feature of Advantec? s TURBO MUSCLE is that it is in instant powder form. Dissolved Creatine absorbs easily and faster through GIT (stomach) than Creatine in capsular form. Powder form of Creatine is more effective because it reaches muscle faster. Sweet drinks provide a shuttle effect for the transportation of Creatine into the muscle cell.

Is there any Side Effects?
Creatine is a protein, it is not a steroid. Since the discovery of Creatine monohydrate no negative side effects have ever been noted with the recommended levels of supplementation. However high doses may upset stomach or produce cramps, that subsides with consumption of extra water or decrease in dosage.

How does MUSCLE GAIN work?
See under heading of exercise.

How does AMINO FLUX work?

AMINO FLUX is a triple action supplement that besides providing building block materials for the growing muscle fibres also promotes growth by direct means.
The 3 in 1 formula of AMINO FLUX provides essential and non essential amino acids, the growth hormone secretor (i.e Arginine 1000 mg that secrets user s own growth hormone by stimulating anterior pitutary gland). And its extra protein (15 gram protein per
dose) provides an over all anabolic environment in the body that prevents protein breakdown hence enabling the over all growth and development.


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